Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Today i want to talk about chocolate brand called GODIVA.
Also got its name from old english Godiva means “gods gift”.  Godiva, founded in Belgium in 1926, was purchased by Turkey’s Yildiz holding  owner of  Ulker Group, since 2008.  

Godiva Chocolate is pricey but it is also worth it for us to taste..! hehe

What my taste buds emote to me: 

The Bittersweet killer~ ;)
 This shop have alot of chocolate , all look nice, just the price so expensive , some chocolate need
 rm 300++, so scary 

inside have 18 piece...1 box also need rm 179..daaaa~~ =D


         RM15 per slices @ 2nd floor, Pavillion,KL..   

RM17~ Hot Chocolate
@KLCC, in front of Escalator

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