Thursday, 23 June 2011

Datin Dr. Halina~

Yes... she is an Astronaut wife.. I really adOre her..!! huhu.. y..y..y..?? dOnt know y.. heheh..
 Emm.. actually, maybe because i like her attitude.. the way she acts & cOmmunicate with others.. she's educated.. hv a gOod careers.. And for sure.. her SMiLe. she hv a beautiful smile.. sO sweet...!! ^_^

 Down here is some of her biOdata..~~ cheCk it Out k..!~~ 

Name : Datin Dr. Halina Bt Mohd. Yunos
Date of birth : Oktober 1980
Place of birth : Kluang, Johor
Occupation :  Anestesia Specialist at Hospital Selayang
Her Mother : Puan Habibah Endan (Teacher)
Her Father : Mohd Yunos (Army)
Family : Eldest sister from 4 siblings
Her Siblings : Hamizah, Amirul Arif & Amirul Amir


 Pada 10 Jan 2011, Dr.Halina telah disahkan mengandung 3bulan.. Dan mengikut Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar dalam status terbarunya di Facebook Rasmi beliau telah menyatakan bahawa mereka akan menimang cahaya mata sulung pada Julai ini..
We are looking forward for this coming July for the due of our tiny baby astronaut …. Just sharing the good news …..
macam tulah yang ditulis oleh Dr. Muszaphar, Pasangan ini berkahwin pada 10 0ktober 2010 yang lalu, tahniah sekali lagi diucapkan kepada Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar dan Dr. Halina atas berita gembira ini..

>> info dipetik dr & Harian Metro.. =)
p/s: tiba2 ckp malay lak kn.. haha.. 

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