Thursday, 27 December 2012

Final Exam 2012

Hye.. now it's almost 4.00 a.m in da mOrning.. I still can't sleep.. don't know why.. hOho..
It's kinda bored here bcOz I'm actually don't know what should I sharing with u guys... waa... all is about "don't know tu la.. don't know ni la.. dOn't know..blablabla.. " errr.. what actually I'm trying to say??? HAHA..  tepek2 muka sket.. AdOii..! hurmm.. tOday is 28th December.. da dekat dgn date final exam for this semester.. finally the end of 4th semester is cOming..!! yeay.. eh, wait2.. still have FINAL EXAM that I've need to be focus OK..! eee.. ape na jadi la dgn saya ni.. Norliana.. Pliz wakeUp..! it's study weeks.. for u to study, not just relaxing.. watching tv.. eating.. sleeping.. OMG..! adodoiii.. nape la study tu x semudah & sesenang menonton tv.. Study ni lebih memerlukan perangsangan yang sangat kuat untuk amek mood & starting membuka buku.. kan3?? emmm.. ok la.. I should remind my self.. eleh.. yeye je lah aku ni pn.. everytime pn ckp benda yg sama.. pffftt..!  Rasanya da ada da kesedaran yg semakin menebal minitii hari2 yg semakin dekat dgn date exam for first paper ni.. hehe.. InshaAllah.. i'll study.. ok.. hOpefully now, i'm behaving.. ^_^ starting from tomorrow bgn tdo.. kte study ok.. 4 paper for this sem.. 6,8,11& 18.. ok lah.. wish me GoodLuck for this semester.. I'm wish to be one in the deanList.. Aamiin.. doakan saya... =)

Meet my friends..~ The Avengers, and they have something to say to all of u on the above..~~ Hehee.. (^^,)

TQ for reading... ^_^


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