Thursday, 12 July 2012

Urrggh.. How can you..!

Ok, kali ni na speaking2 kat cni.. sorry my English was not very well yet that's why I'm watching Oh My English.. huhu.. tengok la jugak kadang2 tu..~~

Now a days.. it's hard to find person which is so called as 'friend' that can be trusted.. Yes, it's really hard for me.. (T_T) don't know why.. In fact that, those person that I'm just not really closed with, can also talk behind me so badly.. I don't even know about her too much and how can she easily talk about me as she know me deeply..   Isn't she know that how sad I am, after I knew about what she said?? Hey girl, you don't have any right to talk bad about me or any person even though you have a mouth.. don't you think that you are smart & brilliant + rich, you can just simply talk bad about other person coz your opinion is always be blindly received by other people.. please stop doing that coz on the "judgement day" your mouth will talk about you Ok..! 

The most unexpected things that, you can be so diligently to be kind checking my marks for the test of that subject.. you know my past test which is the most lowest than your mark and then you check about my quiz marks that I got the highest among our classmate which maybe similar with your marks.. then you compare it and you spread the story about how i got that highest marks compared to my previous marks to a few people which closed to you.. you know what, I really don't expect that you r the one who doing this to me.. eee.. sangat x sangka la.. rajin btol g check markah aku.. sunggoh weii.. sgt2 la aku susah na percaya ko la yg ada kerajinan tu. I never think about you in my life ok.. never once.. tp memang x sangka you sangat la ada masa untuk pk pasal I ni dalam hidup you.. fuhhh.. tQ la coz sudi ambil berat pasal I.. terharu sangat.. T_T.. patut la aku ada rasa cam ko ni memilih je bila tang berkawan tu.. sebab aku nampak cara ko layan aku.. ye laa.. aku ni ta pandai pn kat mata ko.. pelik la.. da peringkat ijazah pun leh jumpa lagi org pilih2 kawan ni.. da macam zaman tadika pun ada gak..

I know every person in this world cannot run from the acts which in Malay synonyms called as "Mengumpat".. I also have did it before + the fact is, sometimes I also "terlepas" mengumpat other peeps.. paling i ingat i kadang2 kalo nampak orang wearing something yg pelik2 sket, mula la i na cakap camni kt kwn i >> "you..kalo you la, you rasa you na beli/pakai tak baju/tudung/seluar/beg macam tu? tak pun paling teruk bila i sangat sedih/ sakit ati kt seseorang mula la smua benda2 yg dia wat nampak sangat menyakit kan kt mata i then i akan start talking about her.. ada je lah salah dia yg dapat dibangkitkan.. << hurrgghh.. 

It was really bad isn't it? coz "mengumpat" is the things that should be avoid.. yes.. avoid it.. the more we grow up, we need to be more matured.. try to be open minded.. in this world, there have so many such things that we really can't expect.. like people behaviors & acts.. In this case of "mengumpat" there have a lot of negative effect from it. Such as we can lost our friends, we can hurt some one's heart, lost people trust, make people annoying and many more.. think about that by yourself ok.. sepatutnya la kan.. makin kita besar, makin patutla reti berfikir.. If you feel not satisfy to someone, try to see and talk with them.  ckp elok2 k.  

Maybe with that, you can get more explanation and both of you will know each other more and your relationship will getting more closely.. whose know right? try it ok.. lebih bagus dari you dok mengumpat sana sini, talk behind of that person because your unsatisfaction then if they know about it.. for sure they will get sad and angry.. just like what I feel now.. dahla.. letih wat sesi luahan hati ni.. bila baca balik memang bunyi mcm mengumpat da kt sini.. hmmm.. entahla.. I just expressed how I feel.. Every people can change.. but the things you have to remember.. Change to be the good not otherwise... bye..

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